BURSTING onto the scene with their thunderous brand of rock & roll are Twenty Four, a new up and coming band from Glasgow. A relatively fresh addition to the city’s thriving music scene, the four-piece have set their stall out for the year ahead with the release of their self-titled debut EP; producing five tracks of raw, unadulterated anthem-driven rock music.

Inspired by the likes of The View, Catfish & the Bottlemen and Arctic Monkeys, Twenty Four bursts with the kind of youthful swagger and unbridled energy that is nothing short of infectious. And while there may be nothing ground-breaking or revolutionary at play, the band’s faith in simple guitar-led melodies and singalong choruses provides us with proof that music does not have to be overcomplicated to be effective.

Opening track ‘Lose It All’ immediately sets the tone with its hook-laden riffs, driving percussion and flexible basslines. The malleable rhythm section plays a significant role throughout; instilling a high powered stamina and swinging rock and roll energy to the whole EP behind the thrash of guitars. The track also introduces us to Daniel Adens’ distinctive lead vocal; passionate and raspy in his delivery, he lends a raw and authentic grit to the backdrop of classic indie-rock.

Demonstrating an innate skill for catchy choruses and anthemic songwriting from start to finish, the band don’t stray too far from their trusty formula throughout. ‘Never Be The Same’ is more melodic than its predecessor before a shift at the bridge ramps up the intensity; an upbeat, punchy chorus offsetting the more wistful lyricism. Elsewhere, ‘17’ is the indie dancefloor filler with a cheeky youthful swagger and some funky guitar-work.

‘Strangers’ slows things down as the designated bluesy ballad; subtle rhythms and a lamenting guitar bringing out a different side of the band alongside Adens’ emotional delivery. The closing track ‘On The Run’ ensures that the EP ends with a bang though. Opening with a thunderous onslaught of guitars, it builds up to a typically huge chorus as some razor sharp guitar licks weave their way around its bright and sparkling melodies.

As they seek to make a strong impression on the Glasgow music scene throughout 2017, Twenty Four have built a strong foundation with the release of their debut EP. While it is a raw and unpolished piece of work, there is certainly enough here to suggest that the young band have a bright future ahead.