IS there anything more exhilarating than when a gig is announced and it just so happens that the bill is absolutely bustling with talent from top to bottom? Shows by and large are predominantly sold off of the name value and esteem of one act but when you can combine hotly tipped artists with burgeoning bands that are laden with potential and fit them into one confined space then you’ve got a recipe for an evening that will long remain in the caverns of your mind.

In the case of what’s set to transpire at Renfield Street’s The Old Hairdresser’s this weekend, this description most certainly fits the abundance of exciting prospects that the bill is comprised of.

In the midst of a two-part tour of Scotland that commences tomorrow night at Edinburgh’s Summerhall, Aberdonian four piece The Little Kicks are set to bring their multi-faceted and vibrant sound to the west of Scotland for a celebration of their debut album Shake Off Your Troubles. A record that sent ripples through the industry and has since garnered both considerable plaudits and radioplay for singles such as ‘Goodbye Enemies, Hello Friends’ and ‘Let’s Get Lost Together’, their diverse take on alt-rock that is often incerpeted by influences from the realm of synth pop and electronica has the capacity to be both tender and austere or energetic and propulsive as required. Among their final UK shows before they jet off across the Atlantic to parake in Canada’s illustrious Indie Week, it’s sure to be both a momentous encapsulation of all that their fans have came to love about them and a jovial introduction for any new converts that make their way along.


On the subject of bands who more than delivered on an often sought after debut album, Ultras are primed to bring their affecting and thought-provoking material to The Old Hairdresser’s this Saturday and it is always a sight to marvel at. Possessing an adventurous, almost cavalier stance towards musical eclecticism whilst retaining the candidness and intimacy of folk, the band is the brainchild of Gav Prentice and it serves as a vehicle for him to critique, chastise and proliferate upon the inner-workings of the human condition in a manner that both challenges and enlightens. Never afraid to bare himself and challenge perceptions of the intrepid contradictions of masculinity, self-worth, misplaced patriotism,  substance abuse our abhorrent political climate and much more, prepare to be both enlightened and entertained by every syllable or deft musical shift that you’ll be privy to.


Long considered to be among the nation’s finest electronically-minded acts on account of their penchant for subverting from any preordained norms or standards in the genre in favour of crafting an invigorating sound of their own devising, Stillhound now have the accolades to prove it in the form of the 2017 SAMA’s for excellence in the genre. With a wealth of alluring material at their disposal that ranges from early outings such as ‘Seethe Unseen’ and ‘Shy’ all the way through to the ambient pop soundscape of their new EMILIE-assisted single ‘Before We Shut Our Eyes’, there is a borderline absurd amount to admire about this band and they’ve proven time and time again that the atmospherics and efficacy of their music is in no way entrappred within the confines of the studio.


Forged from the similarly industrious and perpetually blossoming music scene of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Headclouds are a band that have been the talk of tastemakers and industry insiders with increased regularity in the wake of their wondrous debut single ‘Flowers.’ With a sound that harks back to the thoughtful and considered dream pop of the 90’s yet emboldened by a particularly luscious and expansive sound, their stock has been rising with persistence since its release in August and its subsequent follow-up ‘Seen It Before’ has validated the approval of everyone from The Big Moon to Radio 1’s Phil Taggart.

Tickets for the hotly anticipated show are available now via MusicGlue