IN today’s society, the concept of having a far-reaching and diverse musical taste is more widely accepted than ever. A far cry from the days of the 60’s & 70’s when genre-based tribalism and protection of your own native subculture could quite literally result in a violent skirmish, it’s perfectly commonplace for a person’s playlist to entail everything from the most rugged of underground hip-hop to jovial indie anthems with a dash of everything in between thrown in for good measure.

At Tenement Trail, we aim to mirror the disparate leanings of the modern music consumer and after providing comprehensive lists for genres such as rock ‘n’ roll and electronica, we’ve now compiled a handy list of music that is sure to cater to those that relish the undefinable.

Ransom FA

A bonafide trailblazer in the realm of Scottish hip-hop and grime, Ransom FA has honed his crafted over recent years and can comfortably stand toe to toe with any MC on British soil. Armed with a seemingly endless supply of perplexing worldplay, a lightning quick flow and a natural propensity for crafting memorable refrains that sets him apart from the braying masses of burgeoning rappers in the North and South respectively, his willingness to constantly evolve, collaborate and undertake any number of new projects has ensured that he is always at the forefront of any muso’s mind when Scotland’s breakout hip-hop stars are theorised upon.


Bouyed by a sound that encapsulates the most alluring tenets of indie rock, shoegaze and power pop, rising four-piece SWAY possess a level of talent that belies not only their youth but their relatively short tenure as a band. After emerging from the low-key venues of Paisley and into the unyielding glare of the West of Scotland’s music scene with their frenetic live shows and immediately captivating material such as ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Haven’, the band have spent the recent months expanding their repertoire into its most robust state yet and it’s safe to say that they’ll be in the mood to impress at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy’s. Having heard their forthcoming new material ahead of time, we can categorically confirm that SWAY show no signs of plateauing and have continued to nurture their iydllic yet striking sound into something that is undeniably special.


Proponents of a striking brand of eccentric dream pop that adorns your ears with its luscious hooks and melodies, Fauves has blossomed from a solo bedroom project and into a hotly tipped prospect whose every move is met with intrigue and anticipation. Founded by the multi-talented Ryan Caldwell, his latest musical guise would upend from its humble beginnings and soon be making waves at BBC Radio 6 Music Festival, King Tut’s Summer Nights and a series of other high profile shows. Now set to bring our very own TT17 to the list, you need look no further than the vividly creative and whimsical sounds of ‘Hit Like This’ to hastily realise what all the fuss is about.


Sam Fender

Emanating from Newcastle, Sam Fender’s material is an absolutely fascinating amalgamation of what is evidently a fantastic musical pedigree. Blessed with a show-stopping, blues-indebted voice that has the sheer weightiness of rock stalwarts such as Paul Rodgers or Rodger Chapman when fully unshackled yet steeped in a radio friendly aesthetic that bears hallmarks of contemporary acts such as City and Colour and Nothing But Thieves, the result is a thoroughly rewarding set of introductory tracks such as ‘Play God’ and ‘Greasy Spoon’ that light the way towards an exciting futue for this ambitious singer/songwrier.


Although he’s been causing a commotion in Scotland’s hip-hop scene for several years, 2017 is most certainly the year that all of Bemz’ potential came to fruition on the stellar Black Kid White City. Now operating under the ‘Respect The Wave’ umbrella, BKMC saw the Ayr-based MC come raring out of the gates as a man whose passion for his craft had been renewed and with a new set of life experiences and goals that could parlayed into his lyricism. An intoxicating mix of cloud-rap and trap-inspired bangers, Bemz’ set at Tenement Trail is a must for anyone with as much as a fleeting interest in the nation’s hip-hop culture.

Crows’ Feet 

Atmospheric, resplendent and yet voraciously engaging, Crow’s Feet are renowned for their inherent ability to channel any given emotion into their ambient alt-rock and leave an indelible imprint on the psyche of the listener. Having continually prospered and grown in not only a musical sense but in numbers, the group has now firmly positioned itself among the most fiercely creative and original within a landscape that is awash with soundalikes and recent track ‘We’re All Here’ has proven that their penchant for innovation remains undiluted.


Hailing from Leeds, now is the time to see Caro in an intimate setting before their merits carry them much further. Trading in expansive and intricate art-pop that simultaneously perplexes and compels, the band are able to make entirely unique soundscapes that display a sublime command of their craft. Highly infectious yet intricately crafted, they instil their ear-worm melodies with a small dose of social commentary, Caro are far more than a mere interesting proposition and have consistently delivered on tracks such as ‘Eyes On The Ground’ and ‘Closet Lunatic.’


Nursing an unrequited adoration for the shoegaze pioneers of yesteryear such as Slowdive, Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Drop Nineteens yet more than capable of coercing its parameters into a new and enticing sound, Edinburgh-based outfit Wylde wish to engulf you in the sheer headiness of their material and we would implore you to allow them to do so. Inundated with transcendental instrumentation and airy vocals, Wylde are never fretful about venturing from outwith their comfort zone in order to incorporate hints of noise rock and post punk into the mix and what they do is perhaps best personified on the deranged climax of February single ‘How.’