group that firmly gripped hold of the nation’s music scene with their high octane indie rock ‘n’ roll, news of upcoming new material from Glasgow’s The Dunts has been met with intrigue and excitement.

Just as tracks filled with tales of intoxiating weekend revelry such as ‘G53’ and ‘Birds and The Beez’ had perhaps lulled you into a false sense of security or a misguided belief that you had an idea of where the band would be headed next, the group are preparing to unveil a daring new evolution in the form of the punk-fuelled ‘Coalition Of Chaos’.

Set to play our very own Tenement Trail on Saturday 30th September, the band not only took us inside the composition of the track but granted us a riveting exclusive preview of what’s to come.

Speaking of the motivations and themes that inspired its creation, The Dunts stated that:

“‘Coalition of Chaos’ was originally written in reaction to the current political climate in Britain, as well as the seedy underworld of Westminster. The song is sang mostly from the perspective of a Westminster politician whose arrogance is felt as he disregards the general public and speaks almost as if he is untouchable. It also refers to some of the darkness which surrounds British politics. Despite the fact that the information is out there about what has gone on, we feel many people are still in the dark and that’s an idea we touch on with this song. The chorus is about the general anguish/despair a lot of us feel with regards to the state of politics in the UK, and round about the time we were writing it the ‘Coalition of Chaos’ between the Conservatives and the DUP was formed, so it was quite relevant for us to include it in the song lyrics and as the title of the track.

We recorded this tune at 7West Studios with Chris Marshall and Johnny Madden. We had a class time recording it and we believe that it’s another positive evolution in terms of us trying to perfect our ‘sound’. The tune was originally called ‘Black Spider Memo’ but we decided to change it during production. Any research into the original name will shed some more light on the ‘darkness in British politics’ we spoke about earlier. We’re buzzing to release it on the 23rd of September, which also marks one year exactly since we played our first ever gig. It’s class to see how we’re doing a year on and to mark it with a release is great. We hope everyone enjoys the track and we can’t wait to catch everyone at Tenement Trail a week after we release it!

Preview ‘Coalition Of Chaos’ now below: