SPRING has officially sprung and with it comes another batch of fantastic auditory delights to see us through the months that lead up to warmer weather and the ever exciting festival season. Ranging from artists that would find themselves on the main stages of the summer’s massive events to those making their first brazen steps into the world’s consciousness, here are the week’s most essential tracks.

Black Lips- ‘Can’t Hold On.’

We’ve been patiently waiting for Black Lips to return from the fray after the release of the phenomenal Underneath The Rainbow and its follow-up is finally on the horizon. Entitled Satan’s Graffiti Or God’s art? the record was helmed by none other than Sean Lennon and the first taste of what to expect has most certainly set pulses racing. Brimming with that delectable garage rock energy that they’ve long been the masters of, ‘Can’t Hold On’ is an unkempt and wonderfully rugged tracks that is exactly what fans have been pining for.

St Martiins- ‘About U’

Building on the promising foundations put in place by their highly infectious debut single ‘bad art’ last year, St Martiins’ latest offering is another beautifully crafted piece of alt-pop which is disarming and invigorating in equal measure. Beginning with a flourish of sun-kissed melodies and syncopated beats, the track develops into something far bigger with a thrash of guitars and burst of drums on the chorus; the restless composition evoking a sense of uncertainty and fragility. It is the mesmerising lead vocal that stands out once again however; utterly magnetising in its delivery, the contrast between loud instrumentation and soft vocal lends an emotional depth and fluidity to their material that is highly inventive and distinctive.

about u

a home movieabout ucamera: Cameron Brisbane Photographyediting: Gavin Craigie

Posted by ST.MARTiiNS on Friday, 17 March 2017

Fauves- Hit Like This 

Bustling with the sort of restless energy that can only be elicited from a band with an exciting road ahead, Fauves’ first venture into recording music as a band is a sleek number that lies somewhere between the exotic sounds of Australia’s finest psychedelic bands and the exquisite balladry of Whitney. Led by a wonderfully unorthodox bassline that Thundercat would approve of , the band’s knack for constructing catchy indie-pop music whilst adhering to their own set of rules is to be admired and is sure to inspire a great deal of excitement as they continue to make their presence felt.

Pronto Mama- Double Speak

Seemingly capable of subverting from any expectations that their audience may have about their material at will, Pronto Mama have thrown yet another ingenious curveball en route to their debut album’s release in the shape of ‘Double Speak.’

Led by the unique percussion style of Martin Johnston that goes far beyond the limitations of the usual indie rock paradigm, the track is a thoughtful analysis on what it is to be young, naive and entitled. Touching upon the notion of feeling as though the world owes you something without any justifiable evidence to support such a claim, the dichotomy that resides at the heart of the song are faithfully mirrored in its musicality as it intermittently flits from soulful and docile to unglued and incensed.

Thurston Moore- Smoke Of Dreams

Taken from his recently announced new EP Rock ‘n’ Roll Consciousness, noise rock pioneer and Sonic Youth member Thurston Moore has proven that he hasn’t lost his penchant for biting and experimental material with ‘Smoke Of Dreams’. A daunting and impenetrable piece of work that is laden with subtle menace, Moore’s sombre vocal and stunning guitar has ensured that his upcoming record is already an exciting proposition. Couple that with confirmed guest appearances from members of My Bloody Valentine and his former bandmates and you’ve got the perfect recipe for any 90’s alt-rock devotee to be waiting with baited breath.