AS music lovers everywhere prepare to extol their love of their favourite artists by rushing out to buy limited edition vinyls this week, it’s important to not overlook those artists that could well be discussed in such lofty terms and adorned with such affection in the not too distant future. Whilst you’re hastily making your way into the city’s record stores in order to secure that rare picture disc or special reissue that is so coveted by diehard fans, there’ll be countless bands crammed into these tight spaces, vying for your attention with a set of original material that might just be on those shelves that they’re gazing towards one day.

Featuring a plethora of homegrown talent alongside fresh offerings from artists that we all know and love, here’s the essential tracks that you need to be consuming this week.

Anteros- Cherry Drop

When the conversation turns towards bands poised for an unmitigated breakout year among those paying close attention to every new release, it’s very seldom that the name ‘Anteros’ isn’t brought to the fore. Armed with a an inherently fun post-punk sound that bridges the gap between Blondie’s Parallel Lines  and the hedonistic heyday of DFA Records, their recently released EP Drunk is a star-making turn and is a testament to why they’ve been discussed in terms that would normally be seen as hyperbolic terms but seem entirely befitting of their material. Among the highlights of their latest batch of tracks is the propulsive sounds of ‘Cherry Drop’ and its new video chronicles their enviously busy year.

Run Into The Night- Turn To Static 

It’s always relieving to hear a band that captures the true essence of rock ‘n’ roll amid a sea of poseurs and pretenders and Run Into The Night are exactly that. No pretension or convoluted ideas, just uproarious music that is intended to soundtrack sordid, alcohol-fueled nights in sweat drenched venues. Hailing from Glasgow, the duo’s latest release ‘Turn To Static’ is a gritty and ominous number that navigates the stormy of blues and punk rock with slickness and aplomb. They may be in their tentative and crucially important early stages but there is a lot of promise on display that demands your immediate attention.

SWAY- Planet Earth 

After spending time honing and refining their sound, hotly tipped outfit SWAY have struck gold with new single ‘Planet Earth.’ A band that we’ve kept a keen eye on since we first saw them in the humble surroundings of Paisley’s The Bungalow last year, they have worked steadfastly in order to build themselves a solid reputation as a dynamic live act and this has now translated onto recorded material in the form of this latest outing. Serene indie-pop with allusions towards the band’s disparate influences ranging from  Nowhere era Ride to old school punk, SWAY seem predestined to continue to rise in stature and have found themselves in a favourable position at a very young age.

Mac Demarco- On The Level

As its release date of his new album This Old Dog edges closer and closer,  Canadian singer/songwriter Mac Demarco has kept fans pining for more and  delivered the gloomy ‘On The Level.’

Described as a companion piece to Salad Days’ ‘Chamber Of Reflection’, the similarities are abundantly clear for all to see. Filled with icy synths and placid, soothing vocals, ‘On The Level’ is a voyage into the less exuberant and introspective side of Mac’s personality that acts as a refreshing change of pace. Given the nature of the tracks that have made their way to our ears thus far, it seems we are on track for Mac’s most mature, sincere and calculated offering to date.

Kendrick Lamar- DNA

Although it may well be the most fawned over thing on the internet right now, it would remiss of us to make no mention of Kendrick Lamar’s latest opus DAMN. A more introverted and conflicted record than he’s yet to make in his illustrious career, it is an album that subverts from his usual conceptual pieces in order to explore the pitfalls of what it is to be a human being at large. Tackling everything from depression to love, lust and indecision in an extremely ambitious manner for what is quite a concise hip-hop record, it has all but solidified his status as one of the most culturally important artists of the past 20 years. Among the highlights of his latest undertaking is the frenetic ‘DNA’ and its equally impressive video leaves us with even more to decipher and explore for years to come.