NO matter how your week’s been, one thing is for certain and that is it’s been full of music from any number of genres. Whether it’s been passive or in an intense listening session designed to block out the amassing horrors of the outside world, sights are best accompanied by sound and we’ve collated the tracks that you need to hear this week. From groups hailing from our native land to internationally renowned purveyors of rock ‘n’ roll and more experimental fare, this is the rundown of the best we’ve encountered over the course of the past seven days..

Queens Of The Stone Age- The Evil Has Landed

If there’s one thing that Queens Of The Stone Age do better than anyone in the world then it’s provide us with massive desert rock stompers and that’s exactly what we have in the shape of new track ‘The Evil Has Landed’.

Premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats1 Radio Show as his ‘World Record’, the latest track from their upcoming album Villains is precisely what any fan of the band would want from them. Shedding the rockabilly leanings of ‘The Way You Used To Do’, this is vintage Josh Homme in its gargantuan riffs, laser focused percussion and general air of decadence that they never fail to leave in their almost painfully cool wake. Clocking at over six minutes in length, this is a track of classic rock proportions and ambitions that entirely delivers.

Dead Pretties- Confidence

Seizing our attention with their thunderous debut single ‘Social Experiment’, Dead Pretties have revealed another punk rock thrill ride by the name of ‘Confidence’.

One of the most talked-about underground bands in London, the three-piece have been lauded for bringing the city’s music scene back to live with their seismic live shows. On their latest offering, they manage to capture all of this unruly energy and more with some of the most swaggerific bass lines you’ll hear all year alongside Jacob Slater’s venomous snarl. Steeped in sarcasm, their visceral and notoriously riotous approach is matched by their incredibly potent songwriting abilities; Dead Pretties have something to say and they want you to know about it.

The Horrors- Something To Remember Me By 

Forward-thinking and beguilingly innovative, The Horrors have made a career of throwing visceral curveballs in the direction of their audience. Now set to reemerge with their forthcoming LP V, the band have turned in a shimmer synth-pop masterpiece in the form of ‘Something To Remember Me By.’

Brimming with the cynicism and personal unrest that manifests in the aftermath of love being extinguished, this new offering was produced by the Grammy-winning mastermind Paul Epworth and it takes their sound to an accessible yet still uncompromising place that is immensely rewarding. A snapshot of a band at the peak of their powers, it greatly departs from the sound of previous single ‘Machine’ but in a way that makes the prospect of the album all the more alluring.

Bdy_Prts- Rooftops 

A dynamic outfit that has long attracted attention with their slick electronica laden sound, Bdy_Prts have once again asserted themselves with the riveting ‘Rooftops.’ Vibrant and yet somewhat forlorn pop that is steered into the realm of an uplifting pop ballad due to its emphasis on gorgeous melodies, this is a track that has one eye on the dancefloor and the other towards a sorrowful morning after and is one of their best releases yet. Officially released today, it’s one that is not to be overlooked.

Voodoos- Natalie

Since their ferocious Club Sabbath debut early last year, Voodoos have gone from strength to strength and have now recruited the help of Baby Strange frontman Johnny Madden to unleash their biggest single to date; a track we were delighted to premiere here on TTV.

Displaying a remarkably sharp and accomplished sound for a band who have been together for little over a year, ‘Natalie’ is a foot-stomping rock & roller which comes armed with the kind of massive singalong chorus that demonstrates the outfit’s unbridled potential. Taking influence from indie bands such as The Strokes and Palma Violets, a formidable rhythm section gives the track a menacing edge under searing guitar lines and a commanding lead vocal.