IN an industry where so many demonstrate ineptitude in addressing the massive inequalities that continue to persist to this day, Tenement Trail is a festival that prides itself on being diverse and inclusive. Known for spotlighting the rising female talent from Scotland and much further afield, this year’s bill is bursting with a succession of artists that have all of the tools to go as far as they’d like to and whose material is enchanting fans far and wide.

Set to descend upon many of Glasgow’s most beloved venues on Saturday 30th September, here’s the women that are taking center-stage at this year’s event.


Undoubtedly one of the star attractions of this year’s Tenement Trail, The Big Moon are one of the most sought after groups in the UK right now. Recently nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize, the band brought out their debut album Love In The 4th Dimension earlier this year to widespread critical acclaim. Brimming with wide-eyed ambition, charming charisma and an insatiable chemistry that is impossible to replicate, you can expect a rollicking set full of hook-filled choruses, infectious melodies and beautiful harmonies from the outfit. In an industry dominated by men, The Big Moon are an inspiration to women everywhere.


Another band who have experienced exponential growth over the past 12 months are Clean Cut Kid. Brimming with heartfelt lyrics, infectious riffs and big choruses, the band’s debut album Felt was released earlier this year and is closely tied to the relationship shared between singers Mike and Evelyn Halls. Blessed with an insatiable ear for melody, the band effortlessly oscillate between the joyous and melancholic; all while exuding an infectious swagger and impressive musicianship.


Proponents of fiercely energetic pop that is not only aggressive but at times wistfully sentimental, London’s Anteros are staking a claim for your hearts with their dynamic material. At once the product of the antagonistic nature of punk rock whilst harbouring a love for big, all-consuming choruses, at the epicenter of the group is none other than the Spanish-born whirlwind known as Laura Hayden and her utterly magnetic voice. Capable of delivering effortlessly cool quips in a soaring drawl that cloaks intensity in its immediate pleasantness, the band’s most recent EP Breakfast has certainly attested to the efficacy of their uniquely constructed material with tracks such as ‘Drunk’ and ‘Cherry Drop’ possessing all of the attributes of a modern day new wave anthem.



Fronted by the enigmatic Cato van Dijck, My Baby emerged from the Netherlands a couple of years ago with a sound that was fresh and inviting to all that came across it. Now with three albums to their name, they continue to hold a captivating power over audiences thanks to their unique blend of blues, soul, funk and psychedelia. Infusing their music with a colourful kaleidoscope of sound, the three-piece are able to shift from the dreamily blissful to deliriously exhilarating in a matter of seconds.


Having burst forth from the confines of Scotland and into the wider world with an riveting yet at times dreamlike take on indie pop, Spinning Coin have all of the potential and songwriting chops to join the long lineage of iconic guitar bands that the nation has spawned.  A five piece that is comprised of Cal Donnelly, Rachel Taylor Chris White, Jack Mellin and Sean Armstrong, the news of their forthcoming debut album Permo has sent ripples throughout the industry and fans alike as they theorise upon what auditory gems await, their newly released single ‘Sleepless’ builds on the stellar foundations of their recent AA side ‘Raining On Hope Street’/Tin and points towards a glaringly bright future.


One of the shining lights of Glasgow’s ever fertile music scene, Lucia continues to go from strength to strength with every brilliant live performance. An artist who exudes star power from every fibre of her being, we’ve been hooked on every groove since she first emerged. Since then, her debut EP Best Boy has cemented her status as one of the nation’s most exciting prospects with perfectly executed garage pop tunes such as ‘Lose My Mind’ and ‘Saturday’s Dead’. Effortlessly cool yet hugely ambitious, now is the time to catch Lucia as she sets out to make her mark once and for all.


Poignant, insular and at times uplifting, there is an austere beauty to Stevie Parker’s output that separates her from all of those singer/songwriters that are happy to divulge all of their music’s secrets upfront. Utilising captivating, electronica-tinged beats as a bedrock for her tales of exaltation and heartbreak, her debut album The Cure unquestionably registers as one of the most underrated gems to have emerged from any British artist in 2016. Led by its lavish and engrossing title track, it is an album which epitomises everything that has made her such an omnipresence on lists of breakout stars and ‘ones to watch’ for the future. In the midst of a busy summer which will see her undertake a UK tour and also featured a set at the revered  Glastonbury, we can’t wait to witness her score swathes of new Glaswegian converts with what is sure to be a spellbounding performance.



Hinged on the vocal interplay between Elina Lin and Haydn Park Patterson, The Ninth Wave have risen from the ashes of their previous incarnation that they purposefully extirpated and emerged a band anew. Having laid out a clear new mission statement with the release of the fiercely liberated and cleansing ‘Reformation’, their masterful sidestep has led them to become one of the most enthusiastically discussed bands in Scotland right now and we all wait patiently for their next calculated roll of the dice.


Led by the incomparable Mogan, Emme Woods have seized the hearts and minds of the Scottish music scene with their brooding bluesy rock and effortless swagger. With raw talent in abundance, the frontwoman’s distinctively smoky vocals remind us of a musical heroes from a bygone era and have been known to leave audiences awestruck thanks to each stunning live performance. Very much a star in the making, Woods’ onstage charisma and star quality is sure to leave a lasting impression on Tenement Trail.


Comprised of Katie Lynch and Mark Johnson, Dundee’s ST Martiins are the architects of sleek, intricate guitar pop that is a testament to their prodigious talent. Having performed at last year’s Tenement Trail at the formative stage of their career, the year that has followed has been the site of a great deal of exponential growth and has allowed them to develop a substantial following and unleash captivating tracks such as ‘About You’ and their absolutely momentous single ‘Othr Grls.’ A band that stimulates both body and mind with their insightful lyrics and lively instrumentation, they’re nothing short of a must-see.



Hailing from the perpetually fertile musical grounds of London, Calva Louise are an immensely gripping punk trio that are categorically firing on all cylinders. Dissonant yet no strangers to a catchy hook or refrain, the seering ‘I’m Gonna Do Well’ is a razor-sharp summation of everything that they do effortlessly. Set to leave Public Records’ stage at Tenement Trail ablaze, it would be advisable to acquaint yourself with their chaotic sound immediately.


Rapaciously making her way through the bustling terrain of Scotland’s musical world whilst proving her mettle with every festival performance and gig, there’s a very good reason why there’s a palpable sense of excitement around Tamzene. Known for a optimistic, heartwarming R&B-tinged sound that injects some much needed levity into what can be a harrowing world, her recent single ‘Enough For Me’ is the sound of joy and love personified and encased int a three minute composition. Simply put, overlook Tamzene at your own risk.

Megan D 

At the tender age of 20, singer/songwriter Megan D is already making waves that some of her more seasoned contemporaries would be highly envious of. Demonstrating her irrepresible work ethic with a hellacious schedule of shows during the world renowned fringe festival, the Edinbugh native has made her presence felt with stunningly crafted tracks such as ‘Out In The Ocean’ and all signs point towards her continuing to climb to the top of the heap in the coming years.