BUILT around the admirable mission statement of advancing the careers and lives of the nation’s most promising rising stars, Ignite Scotland is set to descend upon Glasgow’s St Luke’s for the second time at the tail end of this month for a night that will celebrate the unflinching creativity and diversity of the country’s cherised music scene. After previously shining a light on the considerable talents of an eclectic bill that featured Indigo Velvet, Aylee, Dancing On Tables & more, the sophomore edition will now allow for a similarly enthralling line-up to take to the stage at the ornate East End locale. Supported by not only the newly minted Help Musicians Scotland but the PRS Foundation, here’s a closer look at each artist that will be showcased to the masses on Tuesday 27th February.

The Vegan Leather 

The antidote for those that have grown weary of a procession of dour-faced copyists or uninspiring also-rans that are happy to  always err on the side of caution with their material, Paisley’s The Vegan Leather are a band that are nothing short of exhilarating on record and in the live arena. An enthralling fusion of Parisian art pop and dance-rock that harbours no restrictions about veering into heavier terrain when the mood strikes, the chemistry of Gianluca Bernacchi, Marie Collins, Matthew McGoldrick and Duncan Carswell is one that goes beyond a shared penchant for musical eccentricty and has culminated in the four-piece becoming one of the most steadfastly original outfits to have emanated from Scotland in the past decade. With a litany of high-profile performances already under their belt and a place at this year’s The Great Escape secured, now would be the time for any stragglers to experience The ‘VL’ in all of their pomp.

Aaron Smith 

For anyone that frequents Glasgow’s bustling shopping district at peak times, the dulcet and affecting tones of Aaron Smith will likely be a familiar companion. Known for delivering heartrending covers alongside a string of his own original material, the platform that Ignite provides will act as the ideal enviroment for Smith to regale an enthusiastic and captive audience with the new material that’s been so coyly teased over the past year or so. A veteran of the stage, there’s no doubt that he’ll deliver a showstopping performance that will exemplifying his songwriting skills and engrossing vocals.


Originally from America but now settled in Livingston, Niko has rightfully set in the wake of his debut album Mount Fever and hopes to capitalise on the newfound attention as 2018 begins in earnest. With a radio friendly approach that inhibits the sound of mainstream American artists such as J Cole, Drake and Vic Mensa whilst never shying away from venturing into more macabre or introspective subject matter when compelled to, the youthful MC is among the leading lights of the nation’s fruitful hip-hop scene and the accolades that he’s been racking up to date have been both hard-earned and well-deserved.


Renowned for their uniquely devised take on the poignant alt-rock sound that Scotland has long excelled in, Acrylic are no strangers to the limelight and have revelled in it in recent years. In the wake of a sold out show at Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s and with their biggest headline show to date at Glasgow’s King Tut’s taking place in March, the band’s renewed focus and enhanced presence comes in conjunction with the forthcoming release of their new EP All We Are via Scottish Fiction. If last year’s post-punk tinged confessional ‘Where I Lie’ served as a tantalising taste of things to come on their as yet uncovered material then those in attendance at St Luke’s are sure to bear witness to a truly riveting performance.

Tickets for Ignite 002 can be found here via Ticketweb