OVER the course of their tenure as a band, The Ninth Wave have never been fretful about heading off on their own direction or apprehensive about the daunting prospect that is change. Whether it may come in the form of a new sonic template, members or aesthetic, every single shift they’ve underwent feels entirely organic and it’s this notion that the Glasgow-based post punk outfit is a living, breathing conduit for their creativity that makes them so continually enthralling.

Hot on the heels of their latest EP New Kind Of Ego and with a lengthy summer of shows, European dates for Distiller Records and a massive hometown headline show at St Luke’s looming large in the distance, the latest change that the band have embraced is the preparation for a fully fledged debut album that will provide our most comprehensive and enduring document of The Ninth Wave yet.

An alluring prospect to say the least, TTV is excited to bring you unprecedented access to the often elusive group’s recording process in the form of insights from the band as they embark on the biggest undertaking of their lives to date alongside a litany of candid behind-the-scenes shots.

Louise “I’ve found that recording the full album feels like more of an explorative journey than that of an EP. Less pressure on having to show everything in four tracks and having more space for us to explore and create a fuller story.”

Lewis “It’s been exciting to experiment with new technology i’ve been building up for the last few months, I’ve not just been whacking drums for the whole album. It’s adding a whole new side to the band.”

Millie “Incorporating some of these new songs into our live set has given us a feel for how they should turn out – it really makes you think about all the parts individually and exactly how they all work together.”

Haydn “All of the songs were written for the record and they all came from the same time and place, so it feels like a complete body of work where everything fits together as one.”

After a lengthy absence from the city’s venues in favour of the festival stages, tickets for The Ninth Wave’s hotly anticipated St Luke’s headline show are on-sale now and available via Ticketmaster.