IF the current state of the nation has any positive pockets of inspiration, it’s that modern times have galvanised women further into striving for huge success through empowerment and determination. In the same way a good song stays with you for a lifetime- never old or anything other than technicolour – the current treatment and disrespect of women in modern day society (TRUMP) only highlights the incredulous ocean of power from the female species. Personally, I have never been more proud or sure of the creative ingenuity we internationally propel from Scotland. Our country is currently producing elite talent from artists, sound engineers, artist liaisons, PRs, tour managers, photographers and beyond.

And so, in the annual Tenement TV International Women’s Day feature, we’re toasting the creme de la creme of talent and power in music. You won’t read the word feminist more than twice in this article, we are all feminists.


A shining light of youth, power and talent, Be Charlotte is one of the first names that comes into your head when you think “girls who boss it.” Her beautiful soul and underground sound have international qualities that know no limit.


One girl, three guys, St Dukes are an exciting prospect of what can happen when youth culture and Glasgow power collide. The three-piece are fresh, ambitious and Sarah Connor pulls no punches. They’re exciting and we’re excited. A band who exude massive potential, we’re tipping them for an exciting 2017. Check them out live at King Tut’s on 30th March.


Quite frankly, The Big Moon blew us away at The Great Escape in 2016 and have continued to smash every live performance since. Set to tour in the next few weeks, the band will release their debut album ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’ on 7th April via Fiction Records.


If I ever think of a band who have made Scotland proud, it’s Honeyblood. Releasing their second album at the end of last year, it’s been on repeat ever since. The female duo is fronted by Stina, a powerful enigma and massively inspiring individual, while drummer Sophie smashes out beats like the rockstar that she is. With talent seeping out of every chord and lyric, Honeyblood sum up what determination and sisterhood can be.


Beauty and brains collide in Lucia’s stage performance. With an inexcusable edge and Scottish slant on society bringing her music to life, LUCIA’s mark on the Glasgow and indeed Scottish music scene is second to none. Her garage pop tunes are ridiculously catchy and as she sings about anti-parties, love and being a young female. We’re hooked on every groove.


We have this thing with female drummers and Kirstin Lynn is no different. Talent first, she’s incredible. Sitting at the back of four guys smashing out her percussion pieces, Kirstin dazzles with both her musical abilities and her wardrobe. Behind every great man is a powerful female and as WHITE continue to make their presence felt within Scotland and around Europe, its never rung more true.


Creating a unique and profound sound, Angel Olsen’s electronic fuzzed, reverb-drenched country folk and Americana sound is golden. Her recent record explores themes of womanhood, love and isolation in truly compelling fashion transcending barriers on subject matter as well as musical style.


Part of the Last Night From Glasgow massive, TeenCanteen mix their angelic, innocent yet sultry vocals with a passion to make a difference. Politically aware and pushing boundaries, the band’s admirably brazen decision to record their recent album in mono was a move which gives the record an entirely different flavour than the vast majority of what’s on offer today. Just one of a thousand reasons the band are dynamic and innovative, they are comprised of women with demands to be heard for all the right reasons.


Everyone wants to be a country sleaze thanks to the 2016 release from England’s Goat Girl. Power screams out of the amps as the bass hypnotises from the first chord. Lyrics like “Touch my body, touch my soul, touch that deep and disused hole…..” and “Well I’m disgusting, I’m ashamed…” it’s a track to be consumed whole even if it is a bitter pill to swallow for you, my dear.


Descending onto the UK scene a few years ago, Deers met TTV before they were HINDS. We interviewed them in a guest house off Sauchiehall Street as they opened up their room to female travelling chaos, kicking jeans around the floor to clear a footpath for our sound guy, they then perched around the radiator for much-needed heat for their Spanish blood. Ripping the roof off Saint Luke’s at the end of last year, HINDS are an example of what growing up loving The Strokes can create. Four females with ultimate attitude, hats off to you….


Standing strong and unfazed amongst the chaos during last year’s Tenement Trail performance in The Priory, The Vegan Leather’s Marie Collins is part of a band that are about to do some serious damage to the international scene. That particular performance at TT16 was one that’ll go down in the festival’s history and as the band swaggered their way through it, my eyes were fixated on Collins. This continues to happen each time I catch the band live, quite simply put; a woman of extreme talent, beauty and grace. 2017 is waiting for The Vegan Leather….


Emme Woods blew the scene into shape in 2016, offering up stripped back rock ‘n’ roll tunes in a grunge-saturated local scene. Arriving on the live circuit kind of out of nowhere, Emme Wood’s is 100% real. A sultry swagger, red guitar and fur coat mix with a grainy vocal that is so effortless and raw that it’s bound to leave you awestruck. Releasing live videos and connecting fans with her music through intertwining visuals, Morgan is standing for powerful women as effortlessly as her voice commandeers your attention.


A voice, stage presence and attitude that create a musical force to be reckoned with, Carly was one of the strong female additions to TT16’s line-up. Carly proceeded with a set that shook the venue to its core. A pocket rocket, dominating in a way unique to her and her alone, we’re hoping for a smashing release from Carly that encapsulates her vintage voice and soul with the current soundscape.


Dream Wife are named after a 1953 romantic comedy starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, but there’s nothing remotely funny about them. They’re strong, they’re to be heard and they’re fucking real. In their latest track they sing, “I am not my body, I am somebody.” Nailed. It.


Sweet and sultry meets glitter grunge. That’s a short synopsis of the current product that the incredible Van T’s are offering the world. And the world is their oyster, just yesterday they announced they’ll head to in our opinion- the best musical showcase the world has at The Great Escape in May. A time to really shine, and let the world fall in love with the Glasgow grunge instilled in the local scene’s history forevermore. There’s no better band to finish this IWD piece on, youthful and dramatic, creative and powerful – an example of what we all stand for today, forever and always.

Check out our International Women’s Day playlist below: