CONJURED up in the mind of one of the 20th & 21st century’s perennial hitmakers, Nile Rodgers’ Fiesta X Fold comes complete with a concise universally accessible ethos: Freak Out Let’s Dance. Set to descend upon Kelvingrove Park for two exhilarating days of live music this weekend, the inaugural edition of this festival in Glasgow is bustling with awe-inspiring acts that will ensure its credo is strictly adhered to by all of those in attendance.

Although the entire bill is bustling with phenomenal artists, here is a rundown of those that it’s imperative for you to bear witness to come this sun-drenched weekend of feelgood music.

Nile Rodgers & Chic 

Born of the musically liberated environment that was 1970’s New York and its decadent epicenter Studio 54, Nile Rodgers and Chic spearheaded the four on the floor beats, jagged guitars and engrossing basslines that would become synonymous with disco. Renowned for his midas touch, the iconic guitarist has had an unparalleled career that has taken him across continents and into the hearts and minds of fans all over the world. Armed with one of the most dumbfounding and breathtaking catalogues in modern music, his two sets over the weekend alongside his stellar band will be tailor-made to ensure that there isn’t a  pair of stationary feet within Kelvingrove. Alongside a litany of Chic’s finest excerpts, expect tracks from Madonna, David Bowie, Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Duran Duran, Grace Jones, Daft Punk and many, many more.

Earth Wind and Fire

Infusing healthy doses of psychedelia and grandeur into the world of disco, Earth Wind and Fire have stood the test of time when so many others have faded into obscurity. Led by the late Maurice White and the stunning falsetto of Philip Bailey, the eclectic grou were known for their intermingling of of soul, disco, latin-pop, jazz and much more and it spawned a litany of enduring hits including ‘September’, ‘Shining Star’, ‘Got To Ge You Into My Life’ (yes,, the Beatles track) and ‘Boogie Wonderland’ to name a mere few Well known for their extravagant stage show, this hat-packed set will transport the older generations back to a more carefree era in their lives whilst allotting younger admirers the chance to experience that immensely creative period in music through their revered and legendary material.


De La Soul 

Alongside A Tribe Called Quest, the iconic trio known as De La Soul are one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time and a crucial component of the Native Tongues collective. The antithesis of the the malevolence and ill-will that would soon dominate the genre in the wake of LA’s Gangsta Rap movement, Pos, Maseo and Trugoy’s inclusion on the bill makes perfect sense in conjunction with the motif of positivity and joy that’s embedded at the festival’s core. From the release of their seminal debut LP Three Feet High And Rising onwards, De La Soul have been force of innovation and activism in the hip-hop and it’ll be a joy to see such a storied catalogue brought to life in Kelvingrove.


Ana Matronic 

As a part of the revered and award-winning pop-rock trailblazers Scissor Sisters, Ana Matronic played a pivotal role in a revolution that would make the pop charts more inclusive and free of prejudice than it ever was beforehand. Formed from the thriving gay nightlife culture of New York City, Ana, Jake Shears, BabyDaddy and co arrived with authority on their eponymous debut album and made music that took them from a niche concern and into the heart of the zeitgeist. Originating from the DNA of disco, punk and electro in equal measure, the Portland native is guaranteed to bring a visually and sonically dizzying set to Glasgow on Sunday.

Laura Mvula 

After the release of her wistful and enveloping debut album Sing To The Moon, Laura Mvula instantaneously made her presence felt as one of the most unfettered and musically adventurous artists in contemporary R&B. Laden with unorthodox melodies, rousing percussion and soaring harmonies, there is a sense of freedom and clarity that runs through all of her material that is in defiance to all that the commercial machine would like her to be beholden to. In spite of her brazen disregard for her expectations, this refreshingly original artist would soon collaborate with Nile Rodgers himself on ‘Overcome’ from her 2016 LP The Dreaming Room and only time will tell which musical territory she’ll seamlessly tread into next.

Roy Ayers 

One of the the artists that holds the honour of being among the  most regularly sampled in the history of popular music, vibraphone virtuoso and jazz stalwart Roy Ayers has left an indelible imprint on the world. Regularly ascribed the title of ‘the godfather of neo-soul’, his legendary career spans over five decades and has been a source of inspiration for everyone from house music pioneers to Pharrell Williams and Tyler, The Creator.

Nicky Siano’s Hallelujah Disco 

Synonymous with the golden era of Studio 54, Nicky Siano is a DJ that has seen it all and done it all within the confines of the music industry. From unparalleled highs to soul-crushing lows, his career trajectory has been an erratic one but is typified by the fact that he’s always been striving towards pioneering new techniques, genres and club culture as a figurehead for dance as a whole. The owner and resident DJ at New York’s The Gallery, his latest venture ‘Hallelujah Disco’ combines a gospel choir with the ubiquitous hits of the genre and is sure to garner a rapturous response from those at the Block Party Stage this Sunday.

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