AS thousands of music fans and professionals flock to Brighton to see some of the most exciting bands in the scene, it’s time to give you the ultimate rundown of the Scottish bands set to Showcase their tunes at this year’s The Great Escape Festival as supported by Creative Scotland.

This showcase of new music is not only a MUST for industry professionals and fans, it has cemented itself in the aspirations of budding musicians who are looking to take a massive step forward in their career, and has grown to a huge outlet which attracts some of the most hotly-tipped acts from not only the UK but across the globe, all aiming to win over a multitude of new fans and influential figures from the world of music.

The Great Escape and Creative Scotland have really smashed it with the the Scottish line-up this year and TTV are delighted to be partnering with Creative Scotland to film the showcases and shine a light on these incredible nine acts. This year’s full TGE lineup boasts a thrilling snapshot of the current music scene, drawing bands from different genres together to create a programme than undoubtedly has something for everyone. Check out where and when to catch this year’s Showcasing Scotland fleet below:

Bossy Love

This Glasgow-based duo are sure catch many an ear at this year’s festival as they bring their addictive and unique dance sound to Brighton. Having released a steady stream of strong singles over the last few years, Bossy Love have already received significant attention from music fans and industry pros alike. Their most recent single ‘Body’ perfectly exemplified the diversity of their sound, fusing elements of funk with harsher hip-hop beats creates a sound that is truly infectious and unlike anything else on the lineup this year. An absolute must see.

Thursday 17th- 11:15pm, Komedia Studio Bar
Friday 18th- 2:30pm, One Church

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5

Here’s another band set to capture the imagination of discerning music enthusiasts, not just because of their sound. Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 are a huge feature of the Scottish music scene, with their unique sound and focus on crowd interaction that draws in ever-increasing crowds. Their sound is a truly original mix that pulls influences from genre to genre with elements of baggy and psychedelia reminiscent of the Happy Mondays, with the fat brass and fun sounds of two tone ska. Be sure you won’t stand still when watching this band as they lead the crowd through synchronised dance moves to coincide with their singalong tunes, not to missed.

Friday 18th- 3:30pm, One Church
Friday 18th- 8:30pm, Jubilee Square

Declan Welsh & The Decadent West

Fuzzy. Loud. Unrivalled. Declan Welsh & The Decadent West are the perfect representation of the growing politically-conscious youth that find themselves sweating in bars and clubs in a Brexit Britain. This band take the elements are punk rock in its purest form, building on the work of the politically-charged punks who came from them, they bring this sound into the 21st century, clear in the broad appeal of the band. On tracks such as ‘Shiny Toys’ the band tackle very contentious issues in a way that separates them for other bands in the punk scene, using a style of music that is less harsh but equally effective, while songs like ‘Nazi Boys’ and ‘No Pasaran’ providing rallying cries for angry youth.

Friday 18th- 12:30pm, One Church
Friday 18th- 7:15pm, Green Door Store
Saturday 19th- 9:15pm, Marine Room (Harbour Hotel)

Happy Meals

High school friends Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook form Glasgow synth duo ‘Happy Meals’, one of the coolest acts at this year’s festival. Their own abstract brand of dance music, with French lyrics and the idealistic blend of heavenly synths with infectious bass grooves providing a heady sound that has felt somewhat missed within electronic music. ‘Altered Images’ is one of the best examples of their work as the almost spoken-word French vocals provides the perfect accompaniment to the more traditional elements of dance music that underpin their sound. Happy Meals filled dancefloors in 2017, and one of electronic music’s most promising acts is set to do the same in 2018.

Friday 18th- 1:30pm, One Church
Friday 18th- 10:30pm, Komedia Studio Bar


A centrepiece of Glasgow’s DIY indie scene, LUCIA is set to build on the 2017 success of their ‘Best Boy EP’ and stellar live performances in a big to take over in 2018. ‘Melted Ice Cream’, released in January this year, shows how LUCIA takes influence from all across the spectrum of music. With the soft, bubble gum vocals of the likes of Best Coast, with a louder punk sound that creates a unique soundtrack, that simply details the dismantling of a teenage friendship in an almost psychedelic way. LUCIA is set to feature heavily in the live circuit in 2018, and will undoubtedly by a highlight of the Great Escape this year.

Thursday 17th- 2:30pm, Horatios
Thursday 17th- 7:15pm, Patterns (Upstairs)


Drawing their influences from the DIY scenes of the past, Rascalton bring the music that soundtracked the hedonistic garage scenes in London and New York in the early 2000s out of noughties nostalgia with their own blend of The Strokes and The Libertines. Off the back of supporting band like The View AND willing the TENEMENT TRAIL 2016 competition, Rascalton have relished the DIY culture across Scotland in 2018, playing a succession of gigs to rooms rammed with sweaty youths. Singles such as ‘Lust’ and ‘Told You So’ have cemented themselves as fan favourites with those who have followed the band since day one and those who have only recently found themselves stuck by this band’s infectious brand of indie rock.

Thursday 17th- 1:00pm, Horatios
Thursday 17th- 10:15pm, Green Door Store

The Ninth Wave

Glasgow-based four piece The Ninth Wave are poised to bring their unique take on noise-pop to Brighton, looking to turn the heads of music fans. Drawing influences from the bands who soundtracked the gothic-pop sound of the 1980s such as Echo and the Bunnymen, their debut EP ‘Reformation’ gives an indication of the state of new wave music in the 21st century, it is alive and kicking. Their use of synths and male to female vocals provides the spacey elements that are so essential to this sound, powering drums and bass is set to capture the imagination of punks and indie kids alike.

Thursday 17th- 3:30pm, Horatios
Friday 18th- 9:30pm, The Haunt
Saturday 19th- 10:15pm, Marine Room (Harbour Hotel)

The Spook School

Glasgow based indie band The Spook School are no strangers to critical acclaim following the release of three well-received albums in 2013, 2015 and 2018, the band have continuously proven themselves as an outfit capable of tackling social issues through a dance-esque, friendly indie pop sound. Their 2013 album ‘Dress Up’ was heralded by critics as not just musically unique, but socially relevant as they tackle the limitations and societal construction aiming to break down the barriers that exist regarding gender, to eradicate pigeonholing in the 21st century. Their work and live shows continue to get better and better and are sure to be a highlight of the 2018 live circuit.

Thursday 17th- 12:15pm, Horatios
Saturday 19th- 8:30pm, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

The Vegan Leather

This art-pop four piece have their roots in Glasgow, but have found themselves stomping their footprint into the global music scene over the last 18 months, featured on radio stations on all corners of the globe. Their sound draws influence from different genres including indie, rock and dance, making them sound more like an abstract project than say a ‘pop band’. The Great Escape will be one of the band’s first opportunities to showcase themselves outside of their native Scotland, and are set to be a highlight of all those who see them at this year’s festival.

Thursday 17th- 1:45pm, Horatios
Friday 18th- 8:15pm, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar