RISING indie-rock favourites AIRWAYS take to Tenement Trail for the first time and we caught up with them to chat about the festival, new music and inspirations.

In 2017, Airways dropped their five-track EP, ‘Starting to Spin’, met with amazing acclaim.

“It’s taken us around the world! It’s unbelievable honestly. Really excited for the next release.”

Growing up, the band found themselves being attracted to music at different times, but all came together with a shared love of Arctic Monkeys. 

“It’s different for each of us. I’d say we were each drawn to it somehow at an early age. AM by Arctic Monkeys for all of us.”

Having never played Tenement Trail before, AIRWAYS are excited, but why should fans be buzzing for their set?

“It’s our first time, so we’re looking forward to it. Hopefully we can meet some new bands!”

“A 30 minute rock show with great songs.”

As for the rest of AIRWAYS’ 2018…

“New music and new tour.”