Wide Days - The Van T's-4

BOLD, refined, sassy and just the right amount of grunge is how I would only begin to put The Van T’s new jam, ‘Blood Orange’ into words. The new track from the Glasgow band comes ahead of their new EP dropping, an EP they are immensely proud of and are celebrating with a Summer Party on Friday in Glasgow’s Broadcast. 

Ahead of Friday’s launch, TTV caught up with the Van T’s in the latest TTV TALKS, unpacking their thoughts on Glasgow, gigs and growing up.

“We are really happy with the EP, we feel that in a sense we had more time to write and record this release compared to the last. Paul from 45/a-side did a great job!

More than anything, The Van T’s new sound shows massive progression. They’ve gelled and moulded into what The Van T’s should be. A girl/boy band with plenty of attitude and a clear vision for their musical journey.

Dubbing the EP launch a “Summer Party” the band aren’t going to be put off by Scottish rain: “You know, I think rain might be on the cards…but that would stop us, or people wanting to come to the show, hopefully it will indeed be a party!

“Summer to us is obviously sunshine, a good bevy, the smell of BBQ’s, end of exams and having to shift from the black wardrobe (sadly).”

A band with their heart firmly rooted in Glasgow’s scene, The Van T’s reflect on their favourite places to play in the city: “I think we’ve got a couple, Broadcast is pretty much our go to venue, however we do also love playing The Hug and Pint. The more intimate the better I think!

“On our recent tour around Scotland, we were pleasantly surprised at how positive the response was. Especially from Aberdeen and Dundee, they seemed totally up for it. We can’t wait to make our return!”

Bagging a slot on the Tennent’s Lager T Break Stage in 2015, the band have since played a flurry of gigs and festivals, most recently a slot at Brew on the Bog last weekend and a pending show at XPONorth this week. Talking about the current Scottish scene the band said: “It’s fabulous, we are quite lucky to be good pals with bands who are the emerging talents within Scotland too! Most of the acts and bands are pretty unique in their own way.

“We were at Club Sabbath on Sunday at the Priory Bar and managed to catch Glasgow’s finest Acting strange, great sounds!”

And finally, what can fans expect from the gig on Friday? “Hopefully, glitter, noise and dancing.” Not sure there’s much else to say. Get your tickets here.