SCOTLAND’S best new artists are to return to King Tut’s for Summer Nights Festival 2018 including Retro Video Club, Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves, Stephanie Cheape, Shambolics, LUCIA, Walt Disco, Vistas and a closing party with TENEMENT TV.

The legendary ‘Golden Ticket’ returns for those King Tut’s recolutionaries who want to go to a few or event every gig. The Golden Tickets are available for £25 (until Thursday 17th May when this will increase to £40) and allow entry to the full festival.

Check out the full line-up below and get tickets via King Tut’s website. 


Thursday 12th July: PAQUE, MndGne (Easy + HHXX), Bemz, and Banzel. Venue DJ – P.Adams.
Friday 13th July: RETRO VIDEO CLUB, Moon Stranger, Up The Dancin’, and The Good Arms. Venue DJ – New Wave Testament. Aftershow – Rory Talks
Saturday 14th July: MARK SHARP & THE BICYCLE THIEVES, The Medicine Priests, The Stoned Immaculate, and Adam Glen. Venue DJ – Lusthaus. Aftershow – Lusthaus
Sunday 15th July: CRAWFORD MACK, Millie, Brian McCafferty, and Erin Ponsonby. Venue DJ – Venice of the North Studios
Monday 16th July: NO SHOW
Tuesday 17th July: STEPHANIE CHEAPE, Liam Doyle, Scarlett Randle, and Fraser Murray. Venue DJ – Club Decode.
Wednesday 18th July: THE HUR, Land of Rubber Men, John Edge & The Kings of Nowhere, and Lizzie Reid. Venue DJ – Holy Smokes Records.
Thursday 19th July: NESHIIMA, Ignite The Sky, Archives, and DEFECTOR. Venue DJ – Moshville Times.
Friday 20th July: SHAMBOLICS, The Morning Retakes, The Vanities, and Colour Trap. Venue DJ – Vida. Aftershow – Dan South.
Saturday 21st July: THE PATRYNS, Vagabonds, Bubbatrees, and SABOTEURS. Venue DJ – Hiip Priest. Aftershow – The Nickajack Men.
Sunday 22nd July: THE MULDOONS, Sperry, The Ronains, and Buffleheid. Venue DJ – Scottish Fiction.
Monday 23rd July: NO SHOW
Tuesday 24th July: TWENTY FOUR, Sensei, Rubian, and The Pontangz. Venue DJ – Ravechild.
Wednesday 25th July: ALLOWAY, Take Today, Stop The Rain, and Royal Bloom. Venue DJ – Rip It Up.
Thursday 26th July: THE LITTLE KICKS, Zoe Graham, The Vignettes, and First Tiger. Venue DJ – EmuBands.
Friday 27th July: LUCIA, Walt Disco, Velveteen Riot, and Run Into The Night. Venue DJ – The Ninth Wave. Aftershow – Public.
Saturday 28th July: VISTAS, False Friends, Victoria’s Flight, and Future Firsthand. Venue DJ – Lab Records. Aftershow – Tenement TV Closing Party.