Tame Impala

TAME IMPALA have unveiled a series of B-sides and remixes from the Currents era.

An album that all but solidified their position as one of the most ingeniously creative and prominent bands of the modern era, the 2015 release saw the band maintain the psychedelic abstractness of their sound whilst filtering it through elements of electronica and disco.

Comprised of five tracks that demonstrate the wealth of creativity and inspiration that was emanating from Kevin Parker and co at that juncture in their career, brand new compositions arrive in the form of ‘List Of People (To Try And Forget About), ‘Powerlines’ and ‘Taxi’s Here’ whilst remixes of familiar fare such as ‘Reality In Motion’ and ‘Let It Happen’ come courtesy of ‘Gum’ and Belgian electronic trailblazers Soulwax.

Collated into a five track EP that’s been released via Modular, check out each new track below: