YOUNG FATHERS have announced plans to reissue Tape One and Tape Two.

Currently in the midst of recording the follow-up to the phenomenal White Men Are Black Men Too, the group have decided to satiate fans’ appetites by revisiting the music that introduced us to their dizzying and highly innovative sound.

Initially released a free download after being recorded in no more than a week, Tape One served as our first taste of the auditory delights that were to come from the Edinburgh-based group before they released the SAY Award winning Tape Two arrived in January 2012.

Speaking of their decision to consolidate their early work in this fashion, the band stated that:

“When we were younger, we made some tapes. Now they’re a double album. Could be the best music we’ve ever made. Who knows? Who cares?” We care, Young Fathers!”

Tape One And Tape Two will be reissued on the 16th June via Big Dada and will be available on vinyl, CD and cassette.

Check out the video for Tape Two’s most iconic track ‘I Heard’ below: