Black Rebel Motorcycle Club mark the end of their worldwide tour covering North America, UK, Europe and Australia with a final incendiary stop off at the 02 Academy in Glasgow.

Opening the show with ‘Spook’, ‘Little Thing Gone Wild’ and ‘King of Bones’, this trio of excerpts from their latest opus Wrong Creatures acted as a riveting appetiser before fans were thrown into familiar territory with ‘Beat The Devil Tattoo’.

Allotting periods in the set for each member to hold sway over the stage single-handedly and soak in the ovation of the Glasgow devotees, frontman Peter Hayes took to the stage to sing ‘Fault Line’ which he punctuated with a riveting burst of harmonica. This track in particular demonstrates the vast difference in style and the sonic evolution that the band has implemented over their genre-spanning 20 year career.

The next member to revel in the spotlight is Robert Levon Been who captivated the crowd with a solo rendition of ‘Echo’ from the new album which is full on heart on sleeve, raw emotion personified with lyrics such as, ‘…everybody knows my love, everybody breaks somehow’. Peter then joined his longtime cohort onstage to provide a layering of harmonies on the track which showcased that synonymous Black Rebel Motorcycle Club sound that is so widely adored around the world.

Due to the time restrictions, the encore was cut however fans were hit in quick succession with ‘Spread Your Love’ followed by a rousing conclusion of Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll (Punk Song) that left everyone in the crowd exhilarated as several mosh pits full of sweating, topless, charged and delighted fans broke out. 

In short, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club remain one of the coolest fucking bands on the planet and this Glasgow show is a testament to that.

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