BLACK Rebel Motorcycle Club brought their ferocious rock ‘n’ roll and blew the Glasgow Barrowlands crowd out the water, promising two things – rock ‘n’ roll is a “state of fucking consciousness” and it’s “here to fucking stay.”

Playing a mix of classic hits and new tunes from the forthcoming record, the band brought an alluring and sinister tone to the famous venue, packed to the rafters with energetic fans.

Sombre and contemplative at certain points before bursting forth with a frantic dose of adrenaline fuelled guitar, new tune ‘Question Of Faith’ was a standout of the set alongside the well-known and much-loved classics including ‘Spread Your Love’, ‘Beat the Devil’s Tattoo’ and ‘Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll’.

The new music is sounding big; addressing conflicts and bringing rock ‘n’ roll to the surface of popular music once more.  The band’s forthcoming LP Wrong Creatures will be released on the 12th January. Recorded in Los Angeles, ‘Wrong Creatures’ takes a journey through rock’s history, taking unlikely twists and turns, both peppered with historic influences but also having one foot firmly in the present. Yet their focus still firmly set on returning to edge of the stage, never resting on their laurels and bringing people further into their live experience.

Check out ‘Question Of Faith’ below: