AFTER falling victim to the habitual cycle of ‘record album, tour album, repeat’, Glasgow’s foremost indie-pop stalwarts Belle And Sebastian have invested their time in a series of new EP’s. Following on from the release of ‘We Were Beautiful’ at the tail end of last month, the second excerpt to be taken from this new project has arrived in the form of the idyllic sound of ‘I’ll Be Your Pilot.’

Harking back to the era when Burt Bacharach’s majestic, easy-listening love songs ruled the airwaves with every hearfelt tale of all-consuming affection, this new track from the How To Solve Our Human Problems  indicates that the upcoming records will have a diverse and at times experimental slant that mirrors the unencumbered freedom of their formative years.

Different in both a compositional and thematic sense from ‘We Were Beautiful’, it sees Stuart Murdoch embody the role of the idealistic crooner with sincerity and a distinct lack of the biting cynicism that could’ve been expected from a voyage towards the annals of music history.

Adorned with the sweeping romance of Dan Fogelberg or Gordon Lightfoot at their most enchanted and preoccupied, it’s an interesting direction for the band which would be interesting to see explored in greater depth.

Recorded at Rocket Science Studios in Glasgow, the first entry in the How To Solve Our Human Problems collection will be released on the 8th December whilst the next instalments will emerge on the 19th January and 16th February respectively.

Check out the track now below: