JUST weeks removed from a  ferocious headline show at Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have deftly intensified desire for their upcoming record with the newly released ‘Question Of Faith.’

Structured around a sinister but somehow entirely alluring tone that could soundtrack any number of shady, ill-conceived deal or be resounding from the jukebox in some dimly lit bar in a disconcerting part of town, the latest excerpt from their first record since 2013 builds upon the sound of the previously aired’ Haunt’ to tremendous effect.

Sombre and contemplative at certain points before bursting forth with a frantic dose of adrenaline fuelled guitar, ‘Question Of Faith’ is aptly named in the manner which it acutely mirrors the inner conflicts which can manifest within our brains with startling clarity.

The band’s forthcoming LP Wrong Creatures will be released on the 12th January.

Check out ‘Question Of Faith’ below: