ONE of the most resolutely creative singer/songwriters that we’ve seen in the 21st Century, most people would’ve been happy to get a bit of respite after releasing an album of the magnitude of Car Seat Headrest’s Teens Of Denial. 

Accepted far and wide as one of the defining albums of last year, the artist lesser known as Will Toledo has headed back into the studio to deliver the stark and potentially prophetic ‘War Is Coming (If You Want It).

Described by the man himself as a ‘song about not murdering people’, his latest offering is a warning against the critical levels of inhumanity and futile hatred that are rising in the modern political climate. Now presented in full after the ‘March Mix’ emerged for one day last week, it is a release in the wake of the awful scenes in Charlottesville and the (current) president’s refusal to condemn the actions of white supremacists in the guise of alleged ‘nationalists.’

Car Seat Headrest will play Electric Fields and our very own Discover Stage on the 1st-2nd September with the last remaining tickets available here.

Check out the track now below: