GIVEN their well-documented penchant for the halcyon days of 70’s pop in which bands such as Slade, Wizzard and even the incendiary Sensational Alex Harvey Band opted to take a pop at a festive hit, it should come as no surprise that Catholic Action have offered up their own take on this yuletide-laden subgenre.

Released alongside a new Christmas edition of In Memory Of’s ‘New Year’, the band have unveiled the highly sardonic ‘No Angels.’

A slice of glam-rock indebted indie pop that is embellished with a set of particularly wintery flourishes, its title is incredibly apt in its departure from the well-trodden ‘good will to all men’ notions that are steeped in the lineage of the Christmas song in order to focus on the more human and excessively gluttonous nature of the holiday season. An off-kilter number that appeals to the inner cynic that resides in us all, its chorus is sure to make you smile with both glee and a degree of shamefully relatable horror.

The impending festive period is proving to be a productive one for the Catholic Action boys as the release of the new single follows hot on the heels of the announcement of their New Year’s Eve soiree at Glasgow’s Nice N Sleazy.

Listen to both new tracks below: