DECLAN WELSH and his band The Decadent West have announced their return with the release of a brand new single called ‘Absurd’.

The last few years have seen the songwriter and poet rise to the forefront of the Scottish music scene and establish himself as one of the nation’s most promising talents thanks to his striking combination of unapologetic, taut indie-rock and strongly held beliefs. And after a string of well-received singles and last year’s All My Dreams Are Dull EP, it looks like this could be the year that Welsh and his band finally unleash their full potential.

Having bagged a deal with Modern Sky UK, the band recently announced that their debut album is on the way. Set to feature a collection of songs old and new, ‘Absurd’ is our first preview of what’s to come and it finds the quartet in truly inspired form.

A commentary on the current climate working class artists must traverse, the track finds Welsh ruminating over the idea of ‘wokeism’ and the act of standing up for what you believe in without being contrived in the midst of financial insecurity. It all comes to a head in the song’s emphatic and uplifting finale which sees him conclude that we all need to self-reflect, forgive ourselves and strive to be the best we can. It’s a snapshot of deep honesty and self-reflection from an artist who is aware of his own flaws but continues to use his music as a tool to make the world a better place.

Delivered through a familiar slice of taut, catchy indie-rock, complete with singalong ‘la-las’ and refreshing electronic touches, it’s particularly pleasing to see that Welsh’s mission statement has not changed since the day he started; to shine a light on issues that affect us all as humans and explore the connections we make along the way. Done with genuine integrity and a Glaswegian flare, it’s a promising insight into his upcoming album.

Check it out below.