KNOWN for his politically astute and socially conscious songwriting, Declan Welsh has long been an artist who is admirably fiercely outspoken about what he believes in. And he isn’t all talk either; he is also an artist who backs up his sharp lyrics with real-life experience.

Fresh from his first live showing in Paris last night, the singer and his band have unveiled a surprise new single today called ‘Different Strokes’. Released to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest which takes part in Israel this year, the track is inspired by Welsh’s trip to Ni’lin in Palestine.

In his own words: “This is a song about Ni’lin. Ni’lin is a town in Palestine where I attended a protest, learned of the occupation, marched, got sunburned and had maqluba. Two years ago, I was welcomed into that country with open arms by people who have undergone hardship that I could not imagine, and yet are kinder, more resilient and full of more joy than any other people i have come across.

It is no accident we release this song this weekend. While art is used in Tel Aviv to whitewash and silence you, heres my wee story about how you inspired me.

To my Palestinian friends in Ni’lin, Ramallah, Hebron, Bethlehem, Aida and to all those living under apartheid in Gaza and the West Bank or displaced and denied the right to return: love and solidarity from Scotland.”

A vivid and deeply moving display of solidarity for the people in Palestine and the victims of horrific and unnecessary cruel hardship, it’s one of the band’s most powerful statements to date.