KNOWN for his hard-hitting lyrics and provocative brand of indie-rock, Declan Welsh reveals new depths to his talent on latest single ‘Useless’.

A slow moving follow-up to the scathing, politically-inspired tunes that came before it, the new track sees Welsh take on wistful guitar pop with compelling results. Easily his most emotionally vulnerable offering to date, the frontman ruminates over a lost love; his poignant lyrics delivered over a potent blend of steady rhythms and melancholic guitar lines. With his delivery as sharp and effective as ever, the track bursts with a sense of longing on its punchy choruses; Welsh completely lovelorn as he concedes ‘What am I to do?’.

Following a hugely productive 12 months, everything has been put in place to suggest that the Declan Welsh and his immensely talented band are all set for a massive 2018.

Check out ‘Useless’ below.