AT the tender age of 20, Devon has made the jump from bedroom producer to dance aficionado on his latest track, ‘Pop Party 3’.

This track is a fuzzy, hard-hitting, dance-friendly dream. Opening on aggressive, pounding bass and jumpy percussion, the single is in-your-face, forcing you to move from the start. The swooning vocals that layer over the top sound like possessed rambling in a heady dream. As the pre-chorus builds, the song once again layers, and gain complexity through intricate guitars and further change in the vocal style. The way Devon’s songs layer and demonstrate complexity is testament to his ‘career path’ as a musician.

From the age of 10, this singer-songwriter has been honing their craft from his bedroom. By plucking influences from across the musical spectrum, from Beck to Michael Jackson, Twenty One Pilots to the Neighbourhood, and picking up many instruments in the process, this young singer-songwriter has taken the sounds he produced in his room to the studio and stages across the country.

The energy of Devon’s tracks are only trumped by their live performances. Whether they have been supporting some of the most promising bands around such as Beta Waves or No Hot Ashes, or their headline shows, Devon’s huge sound and dance-friendly, eccentric feel and persona has been grabbing the attention of bigger and bigger audiences.

Catch Devon at Tenement Trail 2018. Tickets on sale now.