SCOTTISH leftfield art-rock quartet Django Django have unveiled the second single from their upcoming album Marble Skies.

The critically acclaimed outfit returned last month with the exhilarating ‘Tic Tac Toe’; a fast-paced slice of trippy indie-rock full of enormous hooks and frenzied rhythms. Now back with another tantalising preview track, their latest offering ‘In Your Beat’ arrives today to reaffirm our suspicions that another hugely exciting and inventive record is on its way from the four-piece.

A band who very much dance to their own beat, their latest single sees them delve into the dance-oriented side of their sound with their trademark worldly harmonies delivered over layers of eighties synth sounds. Bursting with vibrancy and a restless innovative energy, it’s another thrilling example of Django Django’s inimitable approach to their craft.

The track arrives alongside a new video directed by SKG (Sophie Koko-Gate) with art direction from Brodie Kaman which features a splurge of colour and pop art images; all timed perfectly along with the song’s fast-paced beat.

Marble Skies is slated for release on 26th January while you can check the new track out below. Django Django play Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow on the 26th Feb, 27th Feb and 1st March respectively.