REVERED for their expansive and far-reaching take on psychedelia that is unequalled among their peers, Fife’s Domicles are back with their fantastic new single ‘Common Language.’

Built from the same foundations that have made them such an enduringly hot prospect ever since they exploded onto our radar back in 2016, their return to the fray after a period of radio silence has yielded one of their finest tracks yet. Recalling the at once ethereal and stimulating sound of cult psych act Spaceman 3 in its brooding sound, ‘Common Language’ epitomises all that people gravitate towards about the band. Built around sedate vocals, meandering synths and persistent, almost motorik percussion, the end product is nothing short of cinematic in scope and striking vividity.

‘Common Language’ will be released on the 26th February whilst you can check out the track and its hand-animated new video below now: