Easy Lifetwisted fantasy of a music video, alongside a trippy, unique pop sound, Easy Life have dropped the complete package as they unveil the video for their single, ‘Nightmares’.

Easy Life boast a genre-spanning take on pop music, that draws elements or hip-hop, the catchy choruses of 90s pop music, and wraps it all together in a package of a playful and cheeky nature. There is perhaps no better representation of this unique attitude and style than on the dream-sounding ‘Nightmares’.

Cataloging the emotions of gloomy days where your mind feels far from fun, ‘Nightmares’ uses thumping hip-hop beats that trudge through the track-mirroring the unenthusiastic message within the lyrics, jazzy horns and tongue-in-cheek lyricism to tackle this issue in a not-so black and white way. This approach to songwriting is confident beyond belief, and channels sounds of mid-2000s indie pop with a child-like playful sound masking a more serious undertone that weaves it’s way into the intricate verses and singalong choruses.

The video itself is again channeling a similar approach to the track. It mixes graphic images and dark humour before rolling it through bubblegum vibrancy and glitter which effortlessly links the pop sensibility with the darker, underlying message that trudges through this track. This trippy video with news reporters, cheerleaders, half-naked surgeons and pink balloons is a visual representation of the ignorant bliss, as distractions surround the video’s star, leaving him stranded on his own through his journey, within while “no one gives a fuck about” his nightmares, as they tail off while he keeps going alone. A harsh reminder to keep visual when those close to you aren’t feeling quite right.