AFTER enflaming the senses and emphatically announcing their presence on last year’s ‘Rogue Wave’, Fabric Bear have delivered another riveting statement of intent with new single ‘In Your Mind.’

Dispensing with the more effervescent, psychedelic undertones of of the aforementioned single in favour of a more confrontational and untethered aesthetic, the Edinburgh based trio continue to strive towards a sound that marks them out as necessary contrarians with no desire to assimilate themselves into the all too familiar overcrowded, three-chord dominated niche.

Drawing sonic influence from boisterous desert rock whilst retaining the indignance and palpable energy of punk rock at its most accelerating, ‘In Your Mind’ demonstrates an innate versatility when viewed in coincidence with last year’s release that is heartening to band, fan and onlooker alike.

Directed by Johnny Madden, check out the video for ‘In Your Mind’ below: