WITH thousands of new bands and artists emerging on a daily basis from all corners of the globe, it is our aim at Tenement TV to shine a light on burgeoning talent that has yet to be given the recognition it deserves; whether from our native Scotland or from other faraway locations completely detached from our own scene.  Grabbing our attention all way from Boston is General Crush, the alter ego of songwriter Ray Ward and the purveyor of breezy, chilled out dream pop.

Following the release of his ‘Wide Escape’ EP and singles ‘Beautiful Day’ and ‘Fall Into You’, the latest track to be unveiled by the fiercely talented artist is ‘Honey Clouds’. Much like its title suggests, it’s a song which drifts over you and immerses itself in your brain thanks to a dreamy combination of sparse electronic beats, xylophone samples and ethereal vocals. Sitting somewhere in the middle between electronica and pop, it is his ability to fuse electronic beats with organic instrumentals that makes him such an intriguing prospect.

Check it out below.