DANCE music producer Glassmasterer has just dropped two mammoth disco-tinged dance tracks. Tenement TV caught up with the immensely-talented producer to talk through his influences, upbringing and his latest tunes.

“My father has an awful lot of good music in his vinyl and CD collection, and I’m sure it was him that got me into artists like Bowie and Damon Albarn. My parents decided when I was about 8 or 9 to try and see if I could learn guitar and got me some lessons, and from then on music has been a big part of my life.”

This dedication to music from an early age is most prevalent in the diverse songwriting that Glassmasterer boasts. His latest two tracks, ‘Be Here Tonight’ and ‘Heatwave’ are a diverse mix of dance, with disco references and an effortlessly cool ora.

“I wanted to make two tracks that were pure fun. I feel like a lot of electronic music is very cold and moody and I wanted to make two songs that had the old school 70s ‘Soul Train’ vibe with a modern twist, ‘Be Here Tonight’ has so many references to classic funk and disco.

“‘Heatwave’ in particular was really fun to make, which was actually written during a heatwave and I wanted to capture the moment. That song came together very naturally and whenever I hear it I’m reminded of how great and interesting the recording sessions were.”

These two tracks are testament to Glassmasterer’s creative nature, showing two sides of a dance music coin, with vintage sounds and unique electronic twists.

“I’m always trying to push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to music, which may sound like a cliche but it’s absolutely true. I always want to feel as though I don’t fully understand what it is that I’m doing, as whenever I completely know how to do something it usually ends up being lacklustre.”