KNOWN for their versatile and steadfastly inventive material that has saw them surge in acclaim with each passing release, the dawning of the next evolution of Home$lice is upon as they hurtle towards the release of their debut album.

Ahead of their first foray into the long-player making its way into the public domain next month, TTV are delighted to bring you a excitement-provoking sample into what awaits us on Howdy in the form of double-A single ‘Real Lyf/Sick.’

Demonstrative of their innate ability to infuse jangly and sumptuous guitar-pop with more socially pertinent or frank and introspective subject matter, both tracks see the five piece go beyond the revelry and frivolous tales that so many of their peers preside over in order to extol the more downtrodden aspects of their psyche.

On the frenetic punk-infused whirlwind that is ‘Real Lyf’, the band deliver an exploration of the malaise and sinking feelings of stagnation that can arise in the wake of the realisaiton that you’re more ill-prepared to deal with the world of work and fiscal reponsibility in the manner that you’d once thought in more idealised days. On the other hand, the mesmeric, fuzz-laden indie rock of ‘Sick’ chastises those that prioritise greed and prosperity over the most basic grasp of human decency.

Howdy will be released via Glasgow-based DIY label Spiral Oh with its official launch party taking place on the 13th April at The Poetry Club.

Check out the new tracks and get all the details on their upcoming dates below:


1st April- The Islington, London

6th April- Leith Depot, Edinburgh

13th April- The Poetry Club, Glasgow

28th April- Mad Hatters, Inverness

6th May- Stag & Dagger. Glasgow