Indigo Velvet, Leith’s tropical-flavoured indie favourites have returned with an incredible new single that brings some massive summer sounds and catchy indie sensibility.

‘Falling in Love Again’ adds to the steady stream of releases than Indigo Velvet have boasted, fuelling their journey from strength to strength, from festival to sold-out headline shows, they have certainly cemented as one of the country’s most exciting band.

The single itself is the perfect personification of good-time indie music: it’s catchy, infectious and impossible not to dance to. From the get-go, the song is bursting with incredible energy, with flows constantly through the entirety of verses, which themselves are peppered with strikingly clever lyrics and instrumentation that compliment perfectly. However, the lasting impression from this tune is undoubtedly the huge chorus. With tropical underlays and the ideal mix of heady, atmospheric backing vocals, paired with one of the catchiest melodies you’ll hear this year, this chorus will be going around and round your head for weeks to come.

Check out the video below, showing the band at their brilliant best:

The most interesting thing about this video is how on earth the band’s co-star managed to stay rooted to their chair and not feel the need to get up and dance.

Indigo Velvet head to this year’s Tenement Trail on September 29th. Ticket link.