JR GREEN’S debut EP was a statement of beautiful songcraft and genuine expression when it emerged earlier this month. A time capsule of personal experiences both past and present, its four songs flourished with beguiling lyricism and a poetic sensibility that reinforced their almost telepathic chemistry as musicians.

While each track will be familiar to those who have seen any of their utterly bewitching live shows, opening number ‘Tiger Lily’ is a particularly entrancing example of their immeasurable talents across three and a half minutes. Honing their unique amalgamation of traditional Celtic folk and veracious lyrics with a cool, modern flair, the duo deliver a gritty take on modern love which in their own words tries to represent “what it is to be made a loser by longing and obsession, what it is to be weak and bloodthirsty”.

Rory Green’s distinctive brogue evokes a mind full of conflicting emotions as the warm sounds of the accordion and the driving rhythms of the acoustic guitar combine to brilliant effect.

Check it out below.