CRAFTING celestial soundscapes that are deeply immersive yet almost unplaceable, JW Ridley is an artist who  refuses to adhere to sonic boundaries or expectation.

After falling in love with his debut single ‘Everything  (Deathless)’, the uniquely talented artist has brought out another meticulously crafted offering by the name of ‘Somewhere Else’. Living up to its title, the track moves you into a dream-like state across its four minutes; reverberating guitars and synths merge with pulse-quickening beats and a ghostly vocal to create another triumph for the young singer-songwriter. Drenched in melancholic soundscapes and wonderful melody lines that remain ingrained in your memory, it’s another intriguing insight into Ridley’s promising future.

We are hugely excited to welcome JW Ridley to this year’s Tenement Trail where he will appear alongside some of the UK’s finest emerging talent on Saturday 30th September. Get your tickets here.