BLOC PARTY frontman Kele Okereke has announced plans for a new solo album titled Fatherland along with its lead single ‘Streets Been Talkin’.

With its gentle finger-picked melodies and thoughtful lyrics, the first instalment of the album appears to suggest a massive shift in sound for the artist. Ditching the pulsating electronics found on his two previous solo efforts The Boxer and Trick, ‘Streets Been Talkin’ finds Okereke in a reflective mood while taking influence from singer-songwriters such as Elliot Smith, Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake.

More famously known for his bolshy electronic sound and diverse approach to indie-rock, Fatherland will be yet another intriguing move in the frontman’s ever-evolving career. Pitched as his most mature record to date, it will feature duets from Corinne Bailey Rae and Olly Alexander (Years & Years).

Check out the sweet new track below.