HE may be one of the most divisive figures in rock & roll, but Liam Gallagher’s return to the stage has undoubtedly been one of the talking points of the summer. In the midst of a hectic schedule that has seen him appear at festivals all over Europe, the former Oasis frontman has unveiled a new single called ‘For What It’s Worth’.

Debuted on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast show this morning, the track is an uncharacteristically confessional moment from the outspoken star which sees him express regret and remorse for mistakes in the past. Written as a ‘regretful but not desperate’ apology, the Beatles-esque ballad is a lighters-in-the-air moment which is more graceful and self-depracating than anything the rock & roll star has put out before.

Liam Gallagher’s highly anticipated solo album As You Were arrives on 6th October. It will feature ‘For What It’s Worth’ alongside two previously released singles ‘Wall Of Glass’ and ‘Chinatown’.

Listen to the new track below.