FOLLOWING the success that 2017 brought, Mark Sharp has returned with a phenomenal new single, ‘Firewater’.

Garnering a phenomenal following as a solo performer, Mark Sharp really began to turn heads and get tongues wagging when he was joined by his massive-sounding backing band ‘The Bicycle Thieves’, releasing an incredibly infectious, joyful EP ‘Lost Cause’ at the end of 2017, with a sold-out launch show in Glasgow. The first taste of new music since then came today, with the release of the anthemic single ‘Firewater’.

As the atmospheric synths begin to take hold from the start of this track, the build-up to an undoubtedly huge chorus begins. With a beat and sound resembling that of classic dance music, the vocals begin to paint smoothly and effortlessly, as the track layers greater and greater as the listener is launched full throttle into the first chorus.

The chorus, with huge drums, melodic piano and, of course, the unmistakeable vocals Mark boasts, goes from a dance sound to that of a festival anthem, not dissimilar in sound to some of the Stereophonics latest work, and it certainly won’t be long before this sound fills the fields of summer festivals.

There is something mesmerising about how this tune drifts between two differing styles, as the verses build in a crescendo to incredibly anthemic choruses, to HUGE guitar solos and back around to the minimalistic, heady sounds, taking the listener on the same musical journey throughout, a skill that is reserved for the most promising and talented songwriters, and this single is an undoubted testimony to Mark Sharp’s ability to continuously incorporate various influences to produce music that engrosses his ever-growing audience.

If this is a peer into what the rest of 2018 holds for Mark and his band, then the next EP cannot come quick enough.

Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves appear at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut on Saturday 14th July as part of King Tut’s Summer Nights. Get tickets now and check out the tune below: