PREPARE to be immersed in the dark and menacing world of Moon Stranger; a bold and ambitious rock & roll outfit from Glasgow who have arrived ready to shake up the local music scene.

After emerging from the confines of the studio earlier this year with the hard-hitting title track of their upcoming EP ‘Fire Me’, the four-piece have once again seized our attention with their confrontational new single ‘Pleasure’.

With an acerbic yell from frontman Brendan Barclay, we are thrown into an anthemic track laced with dark, grooving basslines and strident guitars. Propelled by Barclay’s raw, belligerent lead vocal, it’s almost cavernous in nature; fuelled by relentless ambition and an unassailable thirst for success.

With one final thunderous assault, we’re left in no doubt that Moon Stranger have re-emerged from their lengthy time in the studio with a newfound focus and determination.

Set to feature on upcoming debut EP ‘Fire Me’, check out the track below.