TRADING in a utterly sublime and unconventionally anthemic brand of indie rock that soars above the mundane, Neon Waltz’s long awaited debut album is within touching distance.

Set to be released a week from today, the band from the remote town of Caithness are about to bring themselves to the forefront of the world’s glare like never before but the newly released ‘Bring Me To Light’ suggests they’re more than prepared.

Exquisitely crafted and harbouring an effervescence that heads in the direction of dream pop amid the rousing chords, ‘Bring Me To Light’ is a declaration of their independence as they wisely proclaim “which will will you go? The only way I know.’

The band’s debut full length Strange Hymns will be unveiled next Friday (18th August) via Ignition. For those looking to catch the band live, look no further than our own Tenement Trail on Saturday 30th September with tickets available right now via Ticketmaster.