AFTER¬†months of retreating back into their work, ‘Reformation’ is a very fitting title for the latest single from Glasgow’s The Ninth Wave.

A bold declaration of a modified ethos and focus for the band, this new offering was launched with a sold-out show at The Poetry Club and gives a sought-after insight into what can be expected from their forthcoming EP.

Macabre in its post punk-tinged sound but in no way despondent or without levity, ‘Reformation’ is an optimistic track that espouses a message of longing for personal growth and the pursuit of better days ahead ahead.. Maintaining the knack for a cathartic chorus that rose to prominence on tracks from last year’s double AA single, it nonetheless serves as an empowering piece of artfully minded pop that signifies the dawning of a blindingly bright future for the band as a whole.

Check out the track now below: