SINCE their reconfiguration and the sonic rebirth that has accompanied it, The Ninth Wave have grown increasingly insular, less forthright and consequentially, more of a fascinating outfit than ever before.

Following the release of an EP earlier this year, all attention has turned to pulling off that feat which many burgeoning acts deem to entirely insurmountable by writing and recording their debut full-length.

Born of years of toil,  unwavering self-belief and a commitment to expanding their sound into new terrain, the four-piece have provided an engrossing indication of what’s to come with new single ‘A Wave Goodbye To All The People Who Said I’d Win.’ Loaded with austere and chilling synths that provide a suitably unflinching foundation, the track sees the band lyrically fixated on disavowing all of the self-serving acquaintances and nepotistic back-slapping that had threatened to waylay them in the past. Dispensing with the illusory in order to find solace in themselves, it is an introspective and forward-thinking slice of post-punk that has seamlessly rekindled the hype for their forthcoming debut.

Whilst the release date of their new record remains unconfirmed, what is solidified is the fact that they’ll be playing their biggest hometown show to date at Glasgow’s Saint Luke’s & The Winged Ox on Friday 21st December with tickets available right now.

Check out the new track’s accompanying lyric video below: