THERE’S something unmistakable and hard-woven into the fabric of our beings that make the rootsy sounds of rock ‘n’ roll’s formative years resonate to this very day. In spite of all of the technological advancements and underhanded studio wizardry that we’re beset by today, there’s an intangible energy that only re-emerges when a band summons the rebellious origins of the genre that continues to enchant us to this day. Since their raucous emergence onto the scene, Holy Smokes Records’ Awkward Family Portraits have done precisely that and it has paid off in spades time and time again.

Primed to descend upon Glasgow’s Mono Cafe Bar to celebrate the launch of their Double-AA single, TTV are happy to follow up on the premiere of its predecessor ‘Baby Blue’ by bringing you the Daniel Meade-assisted lament of ‘Please Baby Please’. Built on a narrative of a beau that’s hasty to take things to the next level and form a committed bond, their latest offering is an evocative slice of rockabilly yarn-spinning that is laden with electrifying Jerry Lee Lewis-esque keys and a unique drawl that would make Carl Perkins quake in his boots. Uniquely devised from the ground-up, the band’s dispensation and departure from the prevailing trends that have set Glasgow alight in recent times are an intrinsic part of their allure and their newest track demonstrates their innate talents and fascinating aptitude for a genre that they’ve only experienced vicariously through records and celluloid.

Check out the track below and for those that wish to experience Awkward Family Portraits in all of their rollicking finesse, head down to Mono Cafe Bar tonight where they’ll be joined by none other than special guests Cara Rose and Conor Smith with support courtesy of The Shiverin’ Sheiks.