IT is a rare occurrence to come across an outfit who have you completely mesmerised within seconds of their arrival. When the deeply alluring sounds of D R I F T first landed in our inbox, it was clear we had a special artist on our hands; in fact, the skilful production displayed on their stunning debut track ‘Baby Maker’ made us wonder exactly where they’d been all this time.

Born of a shared affinity for traditional folk songwriting and ambient electronic beats, TENEMENT TV are delighted to introduce Linzi Clark and Andrew Quinn, otherwise known as D R I F T; a brand new electro-pop duo from Paisley. Deeply hypnotic from the outset, ‘Baby Maker’ heralds their arrival beautifully; cleverly fusing Clark’s alluring vocals and grounded lyricism with Quinn’s electronic stylings to great effect.

Reminiscent of the smooth, sophisticated sounds of Air and Lana Del Rey at her most ethereal, it’s a highly impressive introduction from a band who are only in the very formative stages of their career; one which displays a great depth of songwriting maturity and emotional relatability.

Speaking exclusively to TENEMENT TV, Clark discussed the origins of the band as well as her inspiration for the track: “We had collaborated in the past for one of my solo tracks and soon realised we both had similar influences, so when I decided to take my tunes down more of an electronic route, Andrew was my go-to guy. And its been working really well!”

“Babymaker is inspired by the fear of getting older and feeling the pressure to meet certain expectations. When I turned 25 it was definitely a ‘what am I doing with my life?” moment for me but I soon came to realise that it feels good to rebel against those expectations and celebrate being your own person and I guess that’s (loosely) what Babymaker is about!”

As for future plans, she added: “Over the next couple of months we really just want to get more of our tracks out for people to hear. We’ll be doing our first ever live show at the start of October too so we’re pretty buzzing for that!”

Check out the song below.