BORN of a shared penchant for exploration that is almost aggressive in its refusal to be coerced into any genre or niche, easy have quickly asserted themselves among a music scene that is always crying out for ingenuity.

After gaining traction and a steady stream of plaudits from shows alongside similarly eclectic and inventive artists such as The Vegan Leather and Pronto Mama, TTV are delighted to premiere the four piece’s brand new single ‘Bringin’ Me Down.’

Produced by Mark Morrow and released as a tantalising precursor to their upcoming  tour, their debut single brims with an aloofness and sense of auditory adventure that seems altogher organic as opposed to some conscious effort or meticulously planned conceit. Incorporating elements of funk, 80’s electro and reggae before it is all rendered in an unmistakably Scottish brogue, this is pop music that throws caution to the wind and is a spritual successor to the wanton creativty and reckless abandon of revolutionary mid 70’s stalwarts such as Supertramp, Roxy Music and Steely Dan. Bustling with the potential to garner anyone’s affections with its exuberant hooks and dizzying synths, ‘Bringin’ Me Down’ is the track that will bring easy from the fringes of the nation’s hot prospects and directly into the fray.

When discussing the origins and creation of the track, the band have declared that:

“Bringin’ Me Down is a laid back, groove-based track discussing the complexities of open relationships. With dual vocals and a killer synth solo it’s unconventional, yet still catchy and memorable as our first single. We also had our friend Catherine Potter join us to record some trumpet which gives the track a great lift too. Live brass is definitely something we are aiming for in the future.”

Released today, check out the new single  alongside all of the details of their upcoming tour below (all of those wearing ‘groovy’ shirts will receive a free download of ‘Bringin’ Me Down’ upon entry to the shows.)


13th February- Dundee, Conroy’s Basement

14th Aberdeen, Drummond’s

15th Stirling, Mediterranea

16th Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s

19th Glasgow, Audio