ARMED with a highly-strung and robust sound that mirrors the youthful exuberance and undeterred ambition that they clearly have at their disposal, Edinburgh-based upstarts Fabric Bear are here to capture your imagination and deftly expands its horizons.

Equal parts psychedelia and sinister desert rock, we at TTV are delighted to bring you the first listen of their new single ‘Rogue Wave.’

Rather than taking a furtive step into the collective consciousness of Scotland’s music scene, the young trio seem more intent on decimating its confines with the force of an incendiary device on this three minute tour de force. Initially setting out with a meandering ambience that invokes the tradition of British psych before seismic riffs herald the arrival of an all-out assault that registers as the furtuitously mutated offspring of Death From Above, Blue Cheer and Kyuss, this is precisely the sort of track that will commander the hearts and minds of those looking for something that surpasses the sterile and safe in order to pursue an unmined niche of their own devising

Shedding light on the concept that birthed the track , vocalist Ryan Hunter has stated that: “‘Rogue Wave’ is about being hit with something unexpected, whether the sudden realisation of something, or just a smack in the face.”

Produced by Johnny Madden and Chris Marshall, check out the track below: