SELDOM if ever is it a bad thing for a group’s live reputation to precede them and that is certainly not the case when it comes to Glasgow’s Gallus. Known for their wildly boisterous performances that are subject to no peaks and troughs in terms of the energy expelled, it is a testament to just how transfixing these gigs are that the band have managed to garner themselves a real foothold in the minds of Scottish music lovers with little more than a debut single to their name.

Primed to bring their bombardment of punk-tinged indie rock to Tenement Trail this Saturday, the band have proven themselves to be just as adept in the studio as they are at orchestrating chaos in a cramped venue with new single ‘Split.’

Fixated on acknowledging life’s transience and the changes that occur as opposed to lamenting over what once was due to the corruptive powers of memory, the band’s follow-up to ‘Nice’ is an electrifying affair that completely embodies the dizzying nature of its lyrical concerns. Loaded with breakneck guitar salvos, pummelling drums and borderline maniacal vocals that ensure each word rings with sincerity and urgency, there’s an inherent joyfulness to it all that seems to indicate that there’s a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dreary the situation may seem.

Set to perform in the familiar terrain of The Priory Bar, check out ‘Split’ below now before it arrives on streaming platforms tomorrow and procure tickets for Tenement Trail right now.